A Horse Called Flames;《火焰驹》

The clip is taken from the 1958 film version of the performance, adapted from a written script by Li Shisan (1748-1810), a Qing dynasty scholar and playwright.

The main body of the clip is a song about different flowers that Mistress Huang Guiying and her maid see and sing about. Guiying has been persuaded by the maid to come to the garden to ease up her worries, because her father has decided to cancel her long marital engagement with Li Yangui, the second son of Li Shou, an important marshal in the court. Li Shou has been recently framed by a villain and has been put in prison by the emperor.

The title of the play is about a horse, which helps its master to get Li Yangui’s elder brother from the border to rescue the family from execution and brings the villain to justice.


Title Genre Production Company
A Horse Called Flames;火焰驹 Qinqiang;秦腔 Shaanxi Provincial Qinqiang Film & Theatre Company;陕西省秦腔电影剧团