Sailing Through The Three Gorges;《船过三峡》

It is autumn 1996 and the Chuanjiang Passenger Ship No 5 leaves Hankou to sail through the spectacular and dangerous Three Gorges. But her crew is occupied with domestic matters. The outgoing Captain fears that his adopted son, the incoming Captain, will lose his long-suffering fiancée unless he marries her the moment the voyage is over. The lonely Zhan Lan Lan wants to divorce her husband, the deck officer Xiao Lao Jiu, for he spends so much time on the river. Tian Ge, a highly-respected teacher returning home after a long absence is, it transpires, the long lost wife of the old Captain; but what is her relationship with her husband’s son?

They all long for reconciliation and reunion, fulfilled in legend by the mystical appearance of a red sailing boat on the river and threatened in reality by the demands of the Yangtze and uncertainties about the engineering works in the Three Gorges. The river has in fact one more challenge for the crew before it offers them resolution at journey’s end.




Title Genre Production Company
Sailing Through The Three Gorges;船过三峡 Huaju, modern spoken drama;话剧 Sichuan People's Art Theatre;四川省人民艺术剧院