Forcing the Nephew to Enter the Imperial Examination;逼侄赴科

This is from the traditional repertoire of the Gaoqiang musical system in chuanju.

One of the musical features of gaoqiang is to use a chorus to sing characters’ inner feelings. The play was originally a scene in a Ming dynasty’schuanqi (“marvel tale”, Ming dynasty: 1368-1644AD) LINK to FU JIN) titled The Story of a Jade Hairpin (Yuzan ji). It is a romance between a young nun and a scholar. The young man is the nephew of the temple’s “Abbess”. In Forcing the Nephew to Enter the Imperial Examination the old nun forces her nephew to leave the temple to take part in the imperial examination in the capital. The clip starts from the young nun singing her feelings, then moves to the river bank where the old nun sees her nephew get onto the boat and sail off. This is her way of making sure that the young couple cannot be together before the young man’s departure.



Audience Type
Forcing the Nephew to Enter the Imperial Examination;逼侄赴科: , 1980



Performers: Yuan Yukun, Xu Qianru and Dai Xueru

表 演 者:袁玉坤、 许倩云、戴雪如