During the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), revolutionary model jingju was promoted by Madam Mao, Jiang Qing. Shajiabang was one of them, and is still performed occasionally. It is a legendary story about how a brave woman Sister A Qing cleverly saves the lives of Communist soldiers from the hands of Japanese invaders and their accomplices. .

Taken from the 1971 film version of Shajiabang, this clip shows a trio and a duet. The trio expresses that the three characters (the female Tea House owner Sister A Qing is an underground Communist member; the other two are local army commanders who have recently started collaborating with the Japanese authorities) are suspicious of one another and attempt to guess each other’s thoughts. The duet is actually a dialogue between Sister A Qing and Diao Deyi, the smarter of the two men.


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Shajiabang;沙家浜: , 1971