Huju is a regional genre in the xiqu form, which is currently popular in the Shanghai region. Most of its music and melodic-passages are originated in the Dongxiang Tunes (dongxiang diao) of the Pudong area. Huju took its shape in the early 20th century, but its current name was not used until 1941 when the professional theatre company “Shanghai Huju Society” was established. When huju was formalized, the “civilized drama” (or wenmingxi in Chinese), the earlier version of the modern spoken drama was popular and it is likely that themes, stories and performing style of wenmingxi and huju influenced each other a great deal since both theatrical forms were well-received in Shanghai. Huju is good at presenting stories of contemporary lives both present day and the late Qing dynasty when the genre first emerged.



Thunderstorm (Huju);雷雨(沪剧)