Digital Library of Chinese Theatre 中国戏剧资料库

Welcome: This is a Pilot of the Digital Library of Chinese Theatre that the international research network Staging China is building alongside the project’s many partners. The aim is to provide a central hub for Chinese Theatre resources that can be used for teaching, research, increasing knowledge or simply as a way of accessing theatre that would otherwise remain unknown. This Pilot contains over 30 pieces of theatrical work (some are full plays and some are short clips accompanied by long or short notes). Chinese theatre has far more genres than any of the Western theatre forms and thus, each ‘play’ can be presented by a large variety of different genres creating different interpretations. Please read About this Pilot before browsing.

This is a pilot and we would very much like to hear your comments and suggestions. Please go to

欢迎: 这是国际互联网研究项目“舞台中国”及其众多合作者共同建立的中国戏剧电子资料库的实验版本。目的是将中国戏剧的材料汇合起来,为广大使用者(尤其是非华语为母语的人)提供教学、研究、增长知识之用,或是作为了解一种从不知晓的戏剧的途径。实验版本目前拥有30多个戏剧作品,有的是全剧(双语字幕),有的是片断,都附有说明(长短不一)。 中国戏剧拥有远比任何西方国家戏剧更多的种类,因此,每一个“剧”都可以由不同的剧种(包括话剧)来上演,这些演出既传达了实践者对于一部剧的主题的不同诠释,也显示了由剧种性质所决定的不同表演手段。请参阅关于本站以获得更多搜索信息。