The Story of Gong and Drum Lane;《锣鼓巷的故事》

In the old South Gong and Drum Alley, great changes have taken place unconsciously in the tide of economic and social transformations. There are dense historic forces here. Also it is a microcosm of the modern culture. The most important thing is that people here have been changing, moving from a life of peace, simplicity and limitation to one of openings, noise and richness.

The story happens in 2009. As many leisure cafes and culture creative shops have sprung up, a small folk theatre silently emerges close to the Central Academy of Drama. In the process of rehearsing, they disturb their neighbour, Qiangzi and his family. Qiangzi is a young man with ambitions but does nothing all day long. Qiangzi’s mother is a fifty-year- old ordinary retired citizen. As a young person in the 1970s, she experienced pure good feelings. Now she feels numb and disappointed with life and angry with Qiangzi and his father. Unintentionally she and Qiangzi are embroiled in the conflict between the Theater Manager Lin, Director Han and the young actors of the Central Academy of Drama. The play discusses about how to truly reproduce the history and the spiritual journey of those olden days. At first she is too ashamed to speak out, but finally admits it Is a good feeling. In the end, she succeeds in communicating with and understanding her son.



Title Genre Production Company
The Story of Gong and Drum Lane (Penghao Theatre);锣鼓巷的故事 (蓬蒿剧场) Huaju, modern spoken drama;话剧 Penghao Theatre;蓬蒿剧场


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