The Story of Gong and Drum Lane (Penghao Theatre);锣鼓巷的故事 (蓬蒿剧场)

The drama was financed and produced by JiaoDaoKou Subdistrict Office, Dongcheng District in Beijing. It accurately reflects the historical and cultural changes in South Gong and Drum Alley.

China has a Beijing, Beijing has a Dongcheng and Dongcheng has a South Gong and Drum Alley. Beijing is the national centre of drama culture. Dongchengpossesses 80% of performing groups and location resources in Beijing.Within the scope of the alley, are locatedthe Central Academy of Drama, the National Theatre of China, Beijing Children’s Theatre and Penghao Theatre. Not far from here is Beijing People's Art Theatre. The location of Central Academy of Drama was once the residence of Jin Yunpeng, the acting premier of the Duan Qirui Republican government. There are many historic sites in this area such as Prince Cenggelinqin’s Mansion, Hongchengchou’s garden, Wanrong's former residence, Qi Baishi's former residence, Mao Dun's former residence and so on....The interweaving and fusion of history and reality, tradition and modernity have never stopped in this area. People here including ordinary people and artists have all experienced the great historical process from poverty to the adequate food and clothing, from limitation to richness. There are many fresh and touching stories. The purpose of this drama is to veritablyannotate the changing people and their lives in Dongcheng.

The screenwriter Wang Xiang is a dentist. With the love of drama, in 2014 he personally financed and built a theatre with 86 seats at No.35, East Cotton Hutong,South Gong and Drum Alley. It is the first small theatre which was personally financed since the founding of New China in Beijing as well as in China. It was named "Penghao". It means that it is the ordinary people's theatre. Along with the development of history, more and more people not only seek to meet the needs for material satisfaction but also want to meet more spiritual and cultural needs. They will thus step towards richness and nobleness on both levels of existence and spirit.

The director of the drama, Wang Shaojun graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in China. He was the first theatre post-doctor in China and a former researcher at the Research Institute of Drama of the Chinese Academy of Arts. Now he is deputy director of the acting department of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Opera. The main actors in the drama are mostly young people who graduated fromthe Central Academy of Drama and once lived and studied in South Gong and Drum Alley. It was touching of them to create this realistic drama.

It is reported that the Jiaodaokou Subdistrict Office and Penghao Theatre will continuously produce new drama works. They will also work with other theatres in the region to form a fixed drama culture and art festival in South Gong and Drum Alley step by step. Just like London's West End, Broadway in New York and Drama Street in Seoul, we expect drama street blocks of theatre arts will appear in Beijing in the near future. All of these will add stronger cultural flavour to old Beijing, the old Dongcheng and the old South Gong and Drum Alley.



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The Story of Gong and Drum Lane (Penghao Theatre);锣鼓巷的故事 (蓬蒿剧场): Penghao Theatre;蓬蒿剧场, 2011